In this section, we will not describe the sound of our guitars with words, we believe the best way to know a sound is by listening, so, if you want to know the sound our guitars we invite you to listen to the videos below or go directly to the “Listen to” section on “Our guitars” page.

Also, as the audio quality of some of the videos is not the most desirable, we invite you to listen directly to the discs, or recordings, of the guitarists who play, or have recorded, with our guitars, such as, the posthumous album of Paco de Lucia “Canción Andaluza”. Click here for more information.

Do not forget that you can also come to hear (and touch) our guitars in person at our workshop. The address is on the footer of this page. You are invited!

Paco de Lucía - Canción Andaluza - María de la O

Among the many guitarists who play, or have played, our guitars, we have the honor to mention Paco de Lucia. His posthumous album “Canción Andaluza” was recorded with several of our instruments, among others, as it says inside the pages of the disc, in fact, the guitar on the cover of the album is a guitar made in our workshop, specifically, a replica of a Marcelo Barbero guitar.

Click here for more information.


In this section, as in the previous section on sound, we will not describe feelings in words because, again, the best way to sense something is to feel it, so, we invite you to visit our workshop, or to search any of our guitars near you, and play them.

With respect to fingering, we’d like to say, the guitars coming out of our workshop have a minimum string height on the top and on the fingerboard, and when finished, we retouch the saddles and bones, then string by string we try to achieve the perfect tuning.

With the guitar we supply the recommended strings, and although you can use other strings without any problem, such as nylon or carbon with the chosen tension, we recommend keeping the strings supplied for at least the first few months.  This way, you will be able get a sense for the sound that comes direct from our workshop, and decide how you feel about it.  Later, if you want to mount other strings, you will have the reference of our sound to compare your feelings when you play.


The types of different decorations, in the rosette, sides, head, etc… that have been made over many years in the workshop is immense and many of these decorations can be applied for decorate the guitar.

To consult them, we invite you to look at the pictures below, or to visit the gallery section, where you can see some of the decorations that we have made in these years (there aren’t all) understanding that every guitar has his own personality, has his own music and prefer one decoration or another to decorate his guitar.


The instruments we made in the workshop, classical guitars, flamenco, amplified guitars, guitarros, some replicas, etc… all those are the result of years of research in the school and the experience with the construction of many instruments since 1964 when began the workshop of instruments “Los guitarreros de Mallorca”. Plans, wood, machinery, tools and knowledge, all thanks to George Bowden, person to which, even though he is not, we never tire of thanking how much has he meaning for us.

guitars back wood


The most wood used in the workshop have been drying for decades, rosewood, cypress, spruce, cedar… some since the 60s, since the beginning of the workshop (thanks to George Bowden again). As many of you know, some woods are a precious objects, but in our workshop we can maintain this high standard with the materials we used because we made a short production of guitars a year.


The production of guitars in our workshop is not a assembly line production, in fact we made few guitars a year. You can see some photos of the making process (there is current process photos mixed with very old photos process of our workshop) on the left menu.

All guitars of our workshop come out hand signed with an identifying name, also written by hand, which identifies the guitar from other instruments, so we try to create an instrument as unique as possible.

We try to make in every process in each instrument as it required, trying not making allways mechanically or systematically the same thickness for all guitars, as if it were a sausage cutting.

You can visit the workshop, without any compromise, to see how we work or to see how a guitar is coming to life. We wait you.


To purchase one of our guitars you can contact us through any of the contact methods described on the web, as phone, email… We hope that if you decide to buy one, your guitar be with you for the rest of your life, in fact, our guitars come with one lifetime warranty. If any element is unstuck, cracked, etc … for manufacturing defect, bring the guitar to the workshop and we’ll leave it as originally. If, however, the guitar is damaged by improper use or accident, call us, we will advise you without compromise.

The guitars come with a carrying case, rigid for added security, adapted to each design so the instrument rests in its case without much roominess and without too much pressure.

*Cover video: Mahmoud Turkmani playing a 2014 Morales guitar, video of