Rosewood asymmetric guitar with F Home Studio system from that allows multitrack recording, for composing or just to capture inspiration. It is a digital device, with a touch screen located on the side of the guitar which allows the guitar player to make high-quality recordings, with the freedom and mobility that provides the possibility of recording outside study.

The device incorporates a section with all flamenco rhythms and other types such as pop, rock, etc … In addition, the rhythms or tracks can be incorporated by the guitarist simply connecting it via USB to any computer.

With this guitar you can play amplified, live, either by amplifying only the guitar or amplifying also the rythms and recorded tracks in order to, for example, play improvising “with yourself”, on your own accompaniment without the need for external devices.

The guitar can be amplified by the output jack on the bottom of the guitar or through the self speaker that the guitar incorporates in his upper side (thus, you can play live amplifying the guitar, the rhythms ands tracks without the need to use any external device, any external amplifier or even without any wires leaving the guitar, like if you were playing a traditional guitar). Moreover, you can also play the rhythms or tracks through the headphone output of the instrument that it’s next to the touch screen, next to the voice microphone input slot.

The device was developed by Paco Ortega, Alejandro Sanz and Jesus Bola, on “Smart Spanish Guitars” a Spanish company that develops products related with the world of music and new technologies.

Incorporating the FHome Studio system to our guitars makes them ideal for creative guitar players, helping them to create and play his music with a studio in his own guitar, anywhere.


F Home Studio


Top: Sitka / Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood / Neck: Cedar

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