A ntonio Morales Riera, I was born August, 1983, in Palma de Mallorca. In my childhood I used to go to Bowden’s and my father’s workshop in Hort de Torrella Street. I spent a lot of my childhood in the guitar workshop, playing (I still remember how special it can be for a child, a guitar maker’s workshop with all those machines, tools and magic corners), sweeping or just watching my father and Bowden making guitars.

I remember a lot of Saturdays and Sundays when Bowden and my father met to talk about guitars at George’s house in Calvia, those conversations about the study of guitars, about theories, plans and calculations… talks that could last for hours and hours… And the truth, as a young adult it interested me but in my childhood it was a drag :-). I remember trying to behave and keeping stoically silent because, when they finished talking, we all played (with Carmen, Bowden’s wife included) different games, such as Ludo, Chinese Checkers, etc…

During my adolescence I combined my studies with learning the craft in the guitar workshop, which after the retirement of Bowden was just ran by my father.

Nowadays I make guitars (although peope who know me realize that I haven’t a very prolific production :-), in our workshop in our local formerly known as “Bowden Musical”.